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  • Publication date: 09.05.2024.
  • Published on HRČAK: 10.05.2024.

Table of contents

Full text

Salaries and Material Rights of Librarians in Public Libraries (page 9-28)

Marija Kretić Nađ, Danica Bukna, Renata Benić
Review article

Evaluation of the Virtual Reality Project in Bibliobus (page 29-42)

Iva Grković, Klaudija Mandić, Vladimir Vranješević
Professional paper

Gender Sensitivity: On the Concept of Gender in the Name Authority Files (page 75-88)

Petra Pancirov, Ana Knežević Cerovski
Professional paper

LGBTIQ books in public libraries in Osijek-Baranya county (page 89-114)

Sanjica Faletar
Original scientific paper

The school library as a source of happiness and knowledge: setting standards (page 115-130)

Marija Purgar, Irena Bando
Professional paper

Bibliometric analysis of Ethnologica Dalmatica journal from 1992. to 2022. (page 131-150)

Iva Meštrović
Original scientific paper

Supporting lifelong education in drama pedagogy of a children's librarian (page 151-162)

Ivana Palčić Borić, Ana Gabaj Miloš
Professional paper

Implementation of the National Campaign “I Want to Read Too!” in the libraries of Karlovac County (page 179-199)

Anita Malkoč Bišćan, Martina Barišić Koprenica
Professional paper

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