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Filozofska istraživanja , Vol. 28 No. 3, 2008.

  • Publication date: 22.01.2009.
  • Published on HRČAK: 15.05.2009.

Table of contents

Full text

SADRŽAJ (page 511-511)

CONTENTS (page 512-512)

CONTENU (page 512-512)

INHALT (page 512-512)


Contemporary Croatian Philosophy. An Introductory (page 513-519)

Mislav Kukoč
Review article

Fifty Years of Unconditioned Thinking (page 539-545)

Dejan Donev
Conference paper

Philosophy of Praxis in the Rear-view Mirror of Mediology (page 555-565)

Sead Alić
Original scientific paper

The Reception of the Praxis Journal in Slovakia (page 567-571)

Ante Lešaja

The Criticism of All that Exists in the Philosophy of Gajo Petrović (page 573-583)

Jasenka Kodrnja
Original scientific paper

Kangrgin pojam vremena (page 585-588)

Der Zeitbegriff bei Kangrga (page 585-588)

Milenko A. Perović
Conference paper

Labyrinths of Ethics. From Kangrga to Bioethics (page 589-600)

Slobodan Sadžakov
Original scientific paper

Bioetika u Hrvatskoj (page 601-611)

Bioethics in Croatia (page 601-611)

Ivana Zagorac, Hrvoje Jurić
Review article

Reflexion der Kunst bei Pejović (page 613-624)

Gordana Škorić
Original scientific paper

The Place and Significance of Blaženka Despot in Contemporary Croatian Philosophy (page 625-637)

Gordana Bosanac
Original scientific paper

Die Anwesenheit Heideggers in kroatischer Philosophie (page 639-648)

Branka Brujić
Review article

Interpretations of Maitreyī-brāhmana from Brhadāranyaka-upanishad in Early vedānta (page 697-714)

Ivan Andrijanić
Original scientific paper

L’hérméneutique de soi de Ricoeur (page 731-747)

Jadranka Brnčić
Original scientific paper

RECENZIJE I PRIKAZI (page 761-788)

Maja Pojak, Esad Ćimić, Jadran Zalokar, Dijana Đuran, Tomislav Krznar, Robert Marinković, Joško Žanić, Sead Alić, Ivan Andrijanić, Hrvoje Lasić
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