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Communication Management Review , Vol. 04 No. 01, 2019.

  • Publication date: 30.07.2019.
  • Published on HRČAK: 30.07.2019.

Table of contents

Full text

Perception of Children on Impact of Video Games (page 8-27)

Danijel Labaš, Ines Marinčić, Alma Mujčinović
Preliminary communication

Media Literacy in Primary School (page 50-59)

Marko Alerić, Martina Kolar Billege, Vesna Budinski
Preliminary communication

Primary School Principals' Perception of the Importance of Media Literacy in Primary Education (page 60-77)

Lana Ciboci, Tamara Gazdić-Alerić, Igor Kanižaj
Preliminary communication

Privacy Protection of Children and Minors on Facebook: Parents' Habits and Experiences (page 78-97)

Tanja Grmuša, Ana Marguerite Tomulić, Vedrana Anđelić
Preliminary communication

The Impact of the Technological Paradigm on the Behaviour of Millennials and Children (page 140-161)

Ines Šmit, Marinko Kovačić
Professional paper

Impact of Storytelling and Marketing Campaigns on Children: Behavioural and Communication Aspects (page 162-177)

Ivan Biošić, Sandra Biošić
Professional paper

Educational Role of Social Media in Children's Media Education (page 178-195)

Jelena Diklić, Marija Nakić, Dajana Šošić
Preliminary communication

Violence in Croatian Children's Series Jelenko and Smogovci (page 196-215)

Lina Malek, Tina Regg, Katarina Blažina Mukavec
Preliminary communication

Relationship and Meaning of Media Education in Kindergartens: Rules and Media Challenges (page 216-231)

Suzana Peran, Anđelka Raguž
Preliminary communication

New Media (as a Tool) in Teaching: Children and Folklore (page 232-247)

Lina Malek
Professional paper

The phenomenon of Reality Television: From Entertainment to Education (page 248-269)

Nensi Blažević, Jana Bušić, Stana Odak Krasić
Preliminary communication

The Media Influence and the Role of Adults in the Upbringing and Educating of Preschool and Early School Children (page 270-283)

Antonija Đuran, Diana Koprivnjak, Nataša Maček
Professional paper

Encouraging the Development of Media Literacy in Early and Preschool Education (page 284-301)

Kristina Ljubić Nežić
Professional paper

(page 0-0)

Lana Ciboci, Danijel Labaš, Igor Kanižaj

(page 0-0)


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