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Visits by journals

Statistics cover journal's web page visits, issue web page visits, article (bibliographic records) web page visits and full text (PDF) downloads. The sum of these visit numbers give the total visits for the journal.

To obtain a more realistic insight into the actual visits and reduce the possibility of manipulation (manually or automated) the following records were filtered out:

  • detected robot visits
  • consecutive access to the same page or full text file from the same IP address
  • visits of Hrčak system administrators
  • visits of logged in jorunal administarots (from 01.09.2012.).

Due to the filtering, visit numbers are lower than those reported in the statistics made for the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport in year 2011 and the counters that have been published on Hrčak portal through May 2012.

Clarification of the way in which visits are counted: no matter how many times a user opens a page of an article and in how many different languages, it is counted as one article visit. The same rule applies to issues and journals web pages. If an article has full text (PDF) in several languages, opening of each file is counted separately, but not more than once per user visit.

Statistics are updated at the beginning of each month.


Journal Status in HRČAK Inclusion date Full text visits Total visits